• 31If You Build It Will They Come?. Three Steps to Test and Validate Any Market Opportunity , Rob Adams
    Know if you'll hit your targets before pulling the trigger on any marketing plan More than sixty five percent of new products are commercial failures, and if you compound this with a recession, now… 1622.74 руб электронная книга

  • 32Lipstick Jungle , Bushnell Candace (2009)
    To everyone who's anyone in New York, Victory Ford, Wendy Healy and Nico O'Neilly are riding high, the beautiful faces of success in the city. Victory is the hottest new designer on the block; Wendy… 917 руб

  • 33Sleeping with Strangers , Dickey Eric Jerome (2008)
    Gideon is more than a hit man. In a world of money, violence, women, and love on the run, he's the master of the game. Now Gideon's got the job of a lifetime. The prize is the woman he desires and a… 1112 руб

  • 34Bermuda (2011)
    • Exceptional restaurants, hotels, and sights selected to help you make the best choices. • Simple pleasures. Embrace the local scene as you hit the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay, shop for shorts… 303 руб

  • 35Calculated in Death , Robb J.D. (2013)
    On Manhattan's Upper East Side a woman lies dead at the bottom of the stairs, stripped of all her valuables. Most cops might call it a mugging gone wrong, but Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows better. A… 584 руб

  • 36Calculated in Death , Robb J. D. (2013)
    In her years at the NYPSD, Eve Dallas has solved some truly appalling homicides. But some cases are worse than others. On Manhattan's East Side a woman lies dead at the bottom of the stairs, stripped… 825 руб

  • 37Torchwood: Army of One (аудиокнига CD) , Ian Edgington (2012)
    Kai Owen reads this exclusive audio adventure set after the conclusion of "Miracle Day", featuring Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams. Washington D. C., post-Miracle. The city has been hit by a spate of… 519 руб

  • 38Batman: Arkham Origins , Adam Beechen (2015)
    The best-selling video game comes to comic books in BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS! In the video game Batman: Arkham Origins, Black Mask orders a hit on the Dark Knight and assassins from all across Gotham… 1429 руб

  • 39Marvel Masterworks: The Invincible Iron Man: Volume 1 , Stan Lee (2015)
    In 1963, Marvel had hit after hit, bringing new characters to a public ready for heroes with feet of clay. None that touched both that heroic ideal and human reality like Iron Man! A jet-setter… 4205 руб

  • 40The Walking Dead Hardcover Ruled Journal - Rick Grimes (2015)
    Based on AMC's hit original series, these ruled journals capture all the horrifying thrills of the show. With covers designed to look like decaying Walker skin, complete with images of four different… 1396 руб